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Steam Generator for fur

  • Steam Generator SEM

The Steam Generator gives direction to the hair of the fur coats and also cleans the inside of the inner wool. It can produce steam at high pressure and velocity and extremely high quality -without any presence of water drops that may cause damage. Steaming is important in all parts of the fur production but it is also important for the finishing process because it gives volume to the hair, lifts them up and improves appearance.

There are many different models of different steam capacity and electricity power. 


Technical data

Power 2/4 KW - 6 KW -9 KW -10,5 KW- 12 kW -18kW
Volt 110-220-380

Description and instructions:

A water reservoir is attached on the machine. Fill this up with water.

Turn on the main switch and wait until pressure rises.

The steam machine has a pump and an electronic water level control system.

When the level inside the machine drops the pump switches on it fills it up again. This does not affect the operation of the machine. The steam flow is continuous.

As soon as the machine fills with water, it starts getting warm and pressure increases up to 9-12 BAR (max pressure may vary according to each model).

On the top of the machine there are two steam outlets. According to your production needs you can also add a steam iron.

During the function the machine takes in water automatically so its function is continuous.

TSOP Steam Machine ensures and guarantees no liquid water drops inside the steam to prevent damage to the fur.

Safety First:  Our steam generators comply with the highest safety and quality standards (DIN, ISO). Each one is tested thoroughly and only top quality materials are used in all stages of the production