TSOP Products
Automatic steam disinfection against viruses and bacteria. Strong steam jet at high pressure, fast action.
Machine for grinding the tannery fleshing disks. Adapter availabe for all types of disks.
Laboratory Kicker Fully constractive with stainless steel and also with heating system
This 100% Stainless Steel aeration drum is used in laboratories and tanneries to aerate the skins after the coloring process.
Stainless Steel water filter unit with 6 filter bag positions for holding solid particles within the liquid waste.
This professional washing machine is made of stainless steel for high endurance. It uses water to clean the fur skins.
Professional bench for wetting skins before nailing. Stainless steel construction for durability and rust-free operation. Large working are for large skins.
For spraying with accuracy hair dye on the skins at straight lines.
Stretching – Widening forks for Mink/Fox is used to increase the width of the mink or fox skins. It has different fork sizes and many other adjustments to ensure fast production and also avoid damage in the most delicate skins
Рамка для стола сделана из металла. Она отделана специальной породой дерева для выдерживания температуры.