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Ironing - Glazing Machine

  • Ironing Glazing Machine GX30V

Open the power switch and adjust the machine to a proper temperature (in Cº). When the Cylinder reaches the temperature you want (indicated by the thermometer) press the black buttons to start the ironing cylinder and the hair absorption. Next switch on the rolling strap by pressing the red switch. Place the fur skin or the coat on the board. Step on the foot pedal until the fur touches the roller and apply the proper pressure for the best results.

Electronic Temperature Control System
The cylinder temperature is set by a high precision electronic instrument that guarantees absolute accuracy. Maximum accuracy is achieved by the PID algorithm that ensures stability of the temperature and low energy consumption.

The operating temperature of the cylinder is programmed by the factory between 0 - 180 ºC. The cylinder has the heating capacity to exceed this temperature but for safety purposes this is avoided.

It is very important to note that the thermal sensor is situated very close to the surface of the cylinder and it is implanted inside the material in order to show the exact temperature of the working surface.

The temperature control instrument has 2 digital screens.

The red screen shows the actual temperature of the cylinder as it is measured by the thermal sensor.

The green screen shows the temperature that the user of the machine sets. With the pressing of the arrow buttons the desired temperature can go higher or lower.

Using high-technology electronics TSOP guarantees absolute temperature accuracy, stability and low energy consumption.

Cylinder Dimensions
Diameter: 220mm
Width: 280-300mm
Heating Capacity: 3,6 KW

Machine Dimensions:
Height: 125cm
Width: 80cm
Length: 100cm

380 Volt 3 phase (Europe)

220 Volt 3 phase (USA)

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