Mink farm equipment

Equipment for the mink farming and mink fleshing and pelting process.

Air Compressors are used for the operation of the machinery and also for cleaning the equipment from hair and dust. They come in many sizes and different power consumptions.
Strong construction for heavy loads, automatic sawdust seperation and automatic unloading.
This body drum has is 8 meters long and offers sawdust cleaning with continuous sawdust circulation and continuous body loading and unloading.
The Ironing-Glazing machine opens the hair and makes the skin and garment appear more dense, without obvious sewing lines.
This professional washing machine is made of stainless steel for high endurance. It uses water to clean the fur skins.
Skin drum cleans the hair side of the mink skins after the skinning process.
Skinning machine removes the skin in a safe, fast and efficient way.