The History of TSOP

TSOP is founded by Antonios Tsiopoulos in Thessaloniki. It starts producing coat fastening hooks, buttons and small accessories for the furrier.


The company’s activities expand. More accessories are introduced and it quickly moves to producing drying machines for the furriers of Northern Greece (Kastoria, Siatista).


TSOP starts producing fur coat fasteners. It becomes the first company in the world to introduce Zamac (Zinc - Aluminium alloy) in the production of coat fasteners. Zamac quickly replaced the copper and plastic raw materials used for these products worldwide. It also moves to the production of ballen from textile and wire. The same year TSOP expands its machinery production introducing the slicing machine applying the combined knowledge of the best furriers and engineers. Seeks for the materials with high endurance and quality and imports raw materials (mainly steal for blades and needles) from the leaders of the market.


By this year TSOP has expanded its production to Cleaning Machines (Drum). In the same year, TSOP starts exporting outside Greece.


By this year TSOP has a production that covers most of the needs of the then fur coat manufacturer. It develops new machines and introduces improvements in the existing ones. Production now includes Steam machine, Ironing-Glazing cylinder, Sticker Press, Leather slicing machine, Drying machine for Tables, Drying Machine for Oiled skins, Cleaning Drum Machine with 3 Drums for Tanneries and others. In the same year Slicing machines are allowed in the USA (they were prohibited by the labour unions since then) and a new era of trade relations begins in this market.


TSOP factory moves in a new larger building in Thessaloniki, modern and able to cover the production demands of the time.


By this year TSOP participates in international exhibitions (including the Frankfurt exhibition). It has a number of agencies worldwide in Europe (Spain, Germany, UK) and also in Canada and the USA. TSOP exports products globally (France, Italy, Finland, Alaska, New Zealand, Turkey and Ukraine).


TSOP continues research and development on its products to match the needs of the market. This year slicing machine for lamb skins is introduced.


Slicing Machine Special is introduced which has different cutting width from the head to the tail (e.g. 4-4.5 mm)


TSOP produces Stapling machines mainly for export to the USA.


Slicing machine for Fox is introduced with excellent results and no damage to the hair of the skin.


TSOP begins research for the automatic machine that slices and sews without human intervention. The same year TSOP starts the development of a plucking machine for mink skins.


TSOP Plucking machines are operating in Thessaloniki and New York but do not move into general production. Plucking is charged per piece on behalf of TSOP and its agents.


TSOP introduces a Steam Machine that offers continuous operation pumping water automatically. The machine has high endurance and excellent steam quality and is used by the leading high-production furriers worldwide. In the same year TSOP offers service and spare parts for the Shearing machines that operate in Greece.


Plucking machines go into the production and become available to the global market. They set the standards for their high endurance, specially manufactured rubber composition, great plucking results and virtually no damage to the mink skins.


Innovations continue. Even more machines are introduced such as the Stripe Coloring machine, Skin Lengthening, Skin Widening machine, Skin side reversing (vacuum) machine (used mainly in the tannery).


Following the developments in the furring industry and changing needs of the furrier TSOP introduces INOX dyeing tanks with adjustable capacity and heating mechanism.


Research and skill made another innovation possible. TSOP introduced the compact Shearing Machine. Although it occupies a small space it achieves great productivity and is capable of shearing in unique patterns and complex designs.


TSOP researches and produces stainless steel Degradation (Degrade) Machine for gradual dyeing or bleaching.


The demands for new materials in competitive prices and the fashion trends towards new designs lead to the development of a unique product, the plucking machine for dressed Nutria, Beaver and other long hair skins.


Focusing on the needs of the outlet stores TSOP introduced the Portable Steam Generator, a lightweight design (only 10 Kgr) that offers professional finishing results with extremely dry steam that reaches 8 Atm. Dry Cleanning equipment are also included in the product range using perclone and hydrocarbon solvents.


TSOP takes fur production machinery into a new era. Most of its products are now equipped with electronic control systems to achieve the highest degree of accuracy, less maintenance and lower energy consumption.


Silk printing machine and Automatic Interrupted Cutting (Perforation) Machine are produced. In the mean time, electronically controlled 125cm Shearing Machines are produced capable to give the best results without the risks of damage to the skins, skin plates or even whole coats.


Research on 'dry cleaning' technologies continues. Systems are introduced to minimize water and energy consumption, alternative solvents are researched for use in all parts of fur production. All TSOP products are manufactured with high energy efficiency electrical motors to meet the highest EU standards. Expansion to global markets continues to China, Hong Kong and S. Korea with establishment of agencies that are well-equipped and able to offer 'after sales service'.


Mink Farming equipment are produced with the main focus in the pelting process. Special drums that recycle the sawdust and other specialised equipment are introduced in the range. TSOP now covers the complete spectrum of the fur business chain, starting from the animal farms moving on to the tanneries and going all the way from the fur garment manufacturers to the final retail shop customer. The knowledge that is gathered throughout this supply chain, is used to constantly improve our products and come up with new ideas and solutions.


TSOP develops systems that are able to communicate with each other and with the user to give valuable information about the the production and about the status of the machine itself. All products are re-designed and the latest technology of Programmable Logic Controles are integrated into them. A production line that is equiped with TSOP machinery can now be interconnected. Information about productivity, safety alarms, energy consumption and system failures are transmitted in reall time to the user inside the production facility. Also remote monitoring of the complete production is possible over the Internet.

Present & Future

TSOP is constantly researching and developing exciting new technologies utilizing the latest developments in the fields of material sciences, information technology and combines them with the latest fashion trends in the fur and clothing industries.