Chemicals Fatliquors


  • EDOLAN BSU– Excellent emulsifying and dispersing power
  • EDOLAN BZU– Multipurpose fatliquor for any article
  • ODINOIL BDQ– Fine firm grain, low weight, suitable for white articles
  • ODINOIL BDS– Great softness, pleasant and full handle
  • ODINOIL BDZ – For footwear manufacturing
  • ODINOIL BFZ– Bionic oil, great softness and a fatty handle
  • ODINOIL BTF– Good distributor of retanning agents, fine and firm grain
  • ODINOIL BLM – Designed for all types of very soft chrome-free leathers
  • OODINOIL BTB – Very soft, excellent fatty handle, light- and-heat fast, ideal for white leathers, bi-ionic
  • ODINOIL FFN– Alternative to fish oil, with better fastness properties
  • ODINOIL KAG– Ensures good nap in suede, pleasant surface handle
  • ODINOIL KNP– High-tech synthetic fatliquor for all types of soft articles
  • SEDALON BWR – High hydrophobic power, full fatty handle
  • SEDALON BW -Hydrophobic fatliquor for any article that requires a firm grain


  • EDOLAN BSD-G– Suitable for automotive, low fogging values
  • ODINOIL KL– Excellent fullness and softness, light in weight
  • ODINOIL M-66– For footwear, avoids grain looseness, fine grain and round handle
  • ODINOIL MC– For footwear, avoids grain looseness, fine grain and round handle
  • ODINOIL MQ– Very good softness, warm and pleasant handle, light in weight
  • ODINOIL PAL– Warm soft feel
  • EDOLAN BM 40– For pickling and tanning applications, good softness, good fogging values


  • EDOLAN BSW– Excellent darkening effect when burnishing plant-based articles.
  • ODINOIL BDC-G– Very good softness, good milling effect, low fogging values
  • ODINOIL BDD– Very good softness, good milling effect.
  • ODINOIL BDN– Very good softness, good milling effect, excellent penetration
  • ODINOIL BDK– Good softening properties
  • ODINOIL BEO– Good softness, warm round feel, light in weight, low fogging values
  • ODINOIL LAN– Excellent darkening effect when burnishing plant-based articles.
  • ODINOIL LC– Soft and firm grain in milled articles, warm feel, light in weight
  • ODINOIL ROK– Excellent softness, pleasant handle


  • ODINOIL BES– Good softness, for use in fur dry-cleaning machinery
  • PE 1500– Kicking oil with good softness
  • ODINOIL NUO– Prevents fatty spew and improves fibre lubrication


  • SEDASIL QQT– Suitable for leather and wool (double-face)
  • TELGRAS T– Warm and pleasant handle, greater dye intensity
  • RETALIN NZ– Improves tear resistance, softener for hard leathers
  • AMIDOSOFT PE– For shine and a good polishing effect
  • TEXFOAM ZB– Antifoaming agent with fast and long-lasting inhibition
  • TEXTATIC B– Enhances conductivity in leather and wool
  • TEXTATIC BPX– Excellent antistatic for fur articles
  • IRONAL BGB– Used with sawdust in the milling drum to give shine to fur articles
  • RETALIN AOX – Powerful antioxidant for use in fatliquoring to reduce chromium VI formation in leather