Tannery Equipment

Tannery machines and equipment for complete fur skin and leather dressing.

Air Compressors are used for the operation of the machinery and also for cleaning the equipment from hair and dust. They come in many sizes and different power consumptions.
This machine is used for brushing the hair of the skins. It is mainly used in tanneries to improve the appearance of mink skins.
Wet Brushing Machine offers the best solution for softening the leather side of skins. It can work with all types of skins. You can adjust the speed.
The brush has a total width of 110cm. The user places the skin at the front side the machine brushes the hair at adjustable depth. It is suitable for all kinds of skins that need one side brushin
The spinning drum machine cleans the fur and softens the leather side. The Drum machines come in many different sizes.
Degreasing machines for the fur dressing and leather tannery can control the amount of oil that remains inside the leather. They come in single or modular units.
Dry cleaning machines use degreasing solvents to remove the oil from fur coat and leather garments. There are also industrial units for tanneries.
Drying chamber for skins. The skins are nailed or toggled on boards. The temperature and humidity is monitored electronically for maximum energy saving.
Machine for grinding the tannery fleshing disks. Adapter availabe for all types of disks.
Machine for the fleshing of mink and sable skins, with rotating disk blade.
The Ironing-Glazing machine opens the hair and makes the skin and garment appear more dense, without obvious sewing lines.
Kicker machine for softening skins and helping oil penetration deep into the leather.
Laboratory Kicker Fully constractive with stainless steel and also with heating system
You can use Perforation Board to double the size of skins. You can use it with all kinds of skins fox, mink, sable, racoon, etc.
The machine takes off the guard hair from mink skins leaving the soft underwool intact.
The roping machine has vertical and horizontalk rollers
This model gives the ability to shear all types of fur up to 125cm wide.
This model gives the ability to shear all types of fur up to 85cm wide.
Shearing Machiine with shearing width of 35cm or 65cm. It is suitable for small sized skins. It is compact and does not require a lot of space in your workshop.
Silk printing machine is used to print designs onto fur, leather or textile.
The steam generator gives direction to the hair of the fur coats and also cleans the inside of the inner wool.
This horizontal stretching machine has 14 horizontal rollers that increase the length of the mink skins.
Stretching – Widening forks for Mink/Fox is used to increase the width of the mink or fox skins. It has different fork sizes and many other adjustments to ensure fast production and also avoid damage in the most delicate skins
For spraying with accuracy hair dye on the skins at straight lines.
This 100% Stainless Steel aeration drum is used in laboratories and tanneries to aerate the skins after the coloring process.
Tannery Vats for dressing, dyeing and bleachine. High grade stainless steel construction. Electronic temperature and speed control.
Stainless Steel water filter unit with 6 filter bag positions for holding solid particles within the liquid waste.