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Dry Cleaning for fur and leather

  • Dry cleaning HYDROCARBON solvent machine 3 tanks 16-18 kg
  • Dry Cleaning machines for fur and leather

TSOP Dry Cleaning equipment specialise on the the needs of the furrier and tannery.

We offer an integrated solution that will waste NO WATER.

We give you the lowest possible energy consumtion.

We offer a clean and safe working environment with NO ODDORS and NO SOLVENT escaping.

TSOP Dry Cleaning equipment are available for different kinds of solvents Perclorethylene and Hydrocarbon.

Electronic control mechanisms assure that the fur coat will get the best treatment and will cause no damage to the skin or the hair of even the most sensitive fur garment.

All our equipment are manufactured with the highest European Union standards of quality and safety.

Ind. Average Price


33000 - 88000 Euros* (14-16-18-25 kg)


* Prices may change without notice.


** Prices will vary depending on the exact model or machine configuration.

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