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Drying Chamber for Skins - Toggle dryier

  • Toggle dryier
  • Fur skin dryier with paper nailing board
  • Drying Machine - Toggle Dryier Back side
  • Dryier Temperature and Humidity Control module


Drying chamber for skins. The skins are nailed or toggled on boards. The temperature and humidity is monitored electronically for maximum energy saving. It can operate with toggles on metal sheets, also with wooden boards or paper nailing boards. 

It is designed for tanneries and large furrier companies. The heating module can operate with steam or hot water.

The outside thermal insulation panels ensure maximum energy efficiency.

It has heat sensor and humidity sensor and an electronic monitoring system controls the heating and humidity extraction outside the chamber for faster drying time.

The board dimensions can be 250 x 150cm  or  250 x 180cm.