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Ironing - Glazing Machine

  • Ironing Glazing Machine model GX30LV
  • ironing machine control screen (Model GXLV)

The Ironing-Glazing machine opens the hair and makes the skin and garment appear more dense. It makes the hair more shiny. It is used both for fur skins and for ready-made garments. 
The newest model GXLV is equipped with the following:

Electronic speed regulator to use for sensitive areas of the coat. There is no deformation in finished garments.

Electronic temperature control. Latest technology electronics allow the most accurate temperature reading. This ensures safety of operation, there is no accidental burning of the coat by the operator. Also It ensures maximum energy saving
The use of PI algorithm from the machines internal computer gives you the maximum output with the least possible energy. The systems provide 20-40% energy saving compared to previous models that did not use electronic temperature control. 
In addition to this the heating elements work less time and at lower temperatures and so their lifecycle is increased 300%.

The cylinder and ball bearings have been re-arranged in a way that most servicing functions will be performed easy. For example a non experienced technician can change the power transmition belt in 5-10 minutes.

The whole machine is ergonomically designed so that the user is in better control. Adjustable height 10cm.

The suction system is located at the upper side of the cylinder so that it sucks all dust particles, hair and fumes that may come out of the garment. This is important for the comfortability of the users as well as their health and safety. The filter bag at the back of the machine collects all hair and dust and does not let them escape in the working environment



The machine comes in 2 different cylinder widths:
Model GX30LV - 30cm cylinder width
Model GX40LV- 40 cm cylinder width 

Cylinder Dimensions
Diameter: 220mm
Width: 300-400mm (depending on model)
Heating Capacity: 3,6 KW


Max Energy Requirement: 5,5 KW - 15 Amp


Machine Dimensions:

Height: 125cm
Width: 80cm
Length: 100cm


Weight (Net): 280 Kg

380 Volt 3 phase (Europe)

220 Volt 3 phase (USA)

Ind. Average Price 

16500 - 27300 Euros


* Prices may change without notice.

** Prices will vary depending on the exact model or machine configuration


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