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Steam Generator Portable

A lightweight design that offers great quality of dry steam, absolutely no liquid water present.

It has electromagnetic valve for fast and easy steam flow control.

Easy to carry with only 15 Kgr of weight, compact dimensions and practical shape.

Up to 4 hours of dry steam working time at each filling.

No installation required, 220 Volt, 2 KW of power. Just plug it to a wall soccet.

Professional results at minimum cost.

Power: 220 Volt, 2 kW
Capacity: 5 liters
Pressure: <6 atm
Weight: 15 Kgr
Safety characteristics: Temperature control switch, pressure control switch, pressure relief valve.

Ind. Average Price


1400 Euros*



* Prices may change without notice.


** Prices will vary depending on the exact model or machine configuration.

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