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Shearing Machine 125CM

  • shearing 125 proocessed
  • Groovings on mink skins
  • Shearing machine 125cm with grooving system

This model gives the ability to shear all types of fur up to 125cm wide. It is wide enough to fit complete coats. It can shear patterns, shapes, linear and complex designs on the skins, coat or fur plates that are processed. 

All electronically controlled motors. The touch-screen allows the operator to adjust all the speeds in a way that the shearing outcome will be perfect without the need of many different passes. The electronic control of the motors saves time and is energy efficient. It also reduces the friction and damages on all the moving parts of the machine

Wide shearing area - 125 cm. Suitable to fit large animal skins (e.g. sheep skins). It is also possible to shear complete fur coat or fur plate.

High pressure suction on the table allows for stable grip of all types of skins and all types of sizes.

Pattern shearing (available for KAD125 Model). The patterns are first cut by LASER onto metal plates. Then, this metal plate, passes in front of the blades together with the fur coat and the design is created on the fur.

Extremely high endurance blades specialised in fur shearing.

Protection system to avoid damage at the end of the skin, coats or fur plates.

Blades are sharpened on the machine with the use of oil and grinding paste. 

Ind. Average Price


61000 -76000 Euros*



* Prices may change without notice.


** Prices will vary depending on the exact model or machine configuration.

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