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Tannery Vats for Dressing Dyeing Bleaching (Stainless Steel)

  • Tannery Vats 60ltr double
  • Stainless Steel Tannery Vats 60 100 200 360 lt Capacity
  • Tannery Vat 1400lt open horizontal
  • Tannery Vat tempearture and speed contol screen
  • Tannery vat horizontal 500
  • Complete structure made by stainless steel (INOX). High quality construction and welding.
  • The spinning paddle is placed in horizontal format or in Vertical format (Dutch type), depending on the model.
  • Electronic speed control of the paddle for best water circulation.
  • Electronic temperature control with high accuracy (0.1 Celsius)
  • Available in many different sizes. 
  • They can be manufactured open type for use with cold water or closed type to hold the heat more stable.
  • The heating source can be external if there is available infrastructure (e.g. steam), or they can be self-heated.
  • Safety alarm and flash light in case of temperature variations.
  • Programmable fuctions for time of operation and pause.
  • Internet connectivity for remote control.

Ind. Average Price


7350- 25935 Euros* 


* Prices may change without notice.


** Prices will vary depending on the exact model or machine configuration.

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