Fur factory - workshop - atelier
Professional bench for wetting skins before nailing. Stainless steel construction for durability and rust-free operation. Large working are for large skins.
This table has 2 surfaces. The one is used for nailing the fur or skins (stapling) while the other that faces downwards is drying. The table is lifted pneumatically and does not require any...
The slicing machine cuts the fur skins in slices. The machine is essential for the letting-out technique. The machine cuts the leather side without damaging the hair.
The machine makes slices of specific millimetre length. It is designed for long-haired fur skins such ass, fox, racoon, etc.
Silk printing machine is used to print designs onto fur, leather or textile.
This model gives the ability to shear all types of fur up to 125cm wide.
This model gives the ability to shear all types of fur up to 85cm wide.
Shearing Machiine with shearing width of 35cm or 65cm. It is suitable for small sized skins. It is compact and does not require a lot of space in your workshop.
The machine takes off the guard hair from mink skins leaving the soft underwool intact.
You can use Perforation Board to double the size of skins. You can use it with all kinds of skins fox, mink, sable, racoon, etc.